Hanuman Tample

Nearly 1 ½ KMs away from Machinpally in Dowlathabad of Siddipet District, there was a deep forest. There was a village namely Seetharampally in olden days, say nearly 600 years back, which is now a deep forest.

In 2007, villagers of Machinpally decided to lay roads on the event of Dussera and went to the forest by tractors to get clay. When they were loading the 2nd tractor, suddenly the persons digging the land they found the Idol of Sri Abhayaanjaneya Swamy. The news spread like wildfire in the surrounding villages and thousands of devotees came for holy Darshan of Swamy by offering him Prasadam, coconuts, flowers, fruits etc. Devotees also created a temporary shelter to Swamy.

Hanuman Tample

A great faith among all the devotees here is that if coconut “Mudupu” is offered near Idol, their desires will be fulfilled automatically. Day by day, the number of devotees to the temple started increasing.

The pleasant atmosphere full of greenery, melodious sounds of birds, cool and mild winds, monkeys and the Bhajans and chantings of devotees and Gaupooja firm a very spiritual ambience. Some devotees recently donated cows to temple. Abhishekam, archana, thamalapaku pooja and vehicle pooja on every Tuesday and Saturday is a regular practice here.

Sri Sri Sri Durga Prasad Swamiji
Sri Sri Sri Durga Prasad Swamiji Sri Hanuman Deeksha Peetam Peetadhipathi performed Hanuman Yagnam with 108 Homagundams on 13th November 2007, On the eve of Vasantha panchami in 2008, Vigraha Prathishta was performed. and Sri Nagendra Prasad, State Secretary of temple protection Samithi gave spiritual lecture on the day.

Here is a wonderful spiritual experience to Sri M. Girish reddy, executive member of the Devasthanam trust. He used to suffer from throat infection and could not speak out. Despite taking treatment at many hospitals he could not get relief. One day Sri Girish Reddy submitted coconut “mudupu”. Miraculously, he never suffered from throat infection till date. Many devotees who desire to have children, come here for darshan of Swami.

Abhaya Ayudha Hanuman

Aayudha Hanuman Statue

This Gigantic Aayudha Hanuman Statue Will Be Prepared With Panchaloha With 1,08,000 Gadas Will Be Parentheted In That Statue Gaint Hanuman Statue Will Be Made With 54 Feet Height On 27 Feet Pedestal.

Statue construction with 1,08,000 Devotes

As we know that the huge hanuman statue is built with 1,08,000 small gadas (bludgeon), they will be donated by devotees . Every devote could have to donate the small replica of gada For that they have to pay a cost of the piece and get receipt. Every devotee should have to utter the sankalpham (determination wish ) in His/Her mind and then they should have to give details of family names (gotram-namam). The names of every devotees will be written on the stone planks and they will inserted on the walls of the temple .

Aayudha Hanuman Statue

27 Nakshatra Vruksha Mantapalu

Our Hindus follow 27 devine stars in their life. Everyone will have a Janma Nakshatra (birth star) which leads his/her life and According to time of birth the star will be allotted by calculation. The horoscope will also be written based on the star character. Keeping this in mind we are decided to Plant 27 trees at the temple premises for Nakshatra Dosha Nivarana Pooja by the devotees by worshipping trees according to their birth star i.e., Janma Nakshtra.

The 27 stars Janma Nakshatra (Birth Star)

Ashwani Bharani Krithika Rohini Mrigasira
Arudra Pumarvasu Pushyami Magha Aashlesha
Purva phalguni Uttara phalguni Hastha Chittha Swati
Visakha Anuradha Jyashta Moola Purvashada
Utharashada Shravana Dhanista Sathabhisha Purvabhadra
Uttarabhadra Revathi

Spacious Gausala :

In our country we worship the cow as gaumatha or kamadhenu. The kamadhenu also called cow of plenty . Most of the people in the country worship the cow as goddess. They call cow as Gaumatha. In our ancient traditions and culture cow has sacred sanctity. Aayudha hanuma temple trust also come forward to save the cow. We are thinking since 10 years about this. Our trust is maintaining 70 cows. Now it is our proposal to construct a huge gosala , i.e. , shelter for cows. Any hanuman devotee can give cows to gosala or give financial assistance to maintain cows. So, we want to involve them for their cooperation.

Gosala Service at Abhaya Ayudha Hanuman Premises

Sl.No Service Monthly Yearly Life Time
1 Gau Matha Adoption Rs.116/Monthly Rs.1116/yearly Rs.11116/Life time
2 Gau Clinic/Medication Rs.116/Monthly Rs.1116/yearly Rs.11116/Life time
3 Gau Pooja Rs.116/Monthly Rs.1116/yearly Rs.11116/Life time
4 Gau Rakesh Team Join Join Join

Annadana Bhavan:

Our one more wish is to built Nitya Annadana Bhavan in the 50 acres of our temple complex of Sri Abhaya Aayudha Hanuman to facilitate devotees we want to built Nitya Annadana Bhavan which will be very helpful to common man and poor people to compensate hunger, our ancestors called Annam Para Brahama Swaroopam , i.e , food is god, Giving food to needy is very virtuous activity. You could also participate in this activity with enthusiasm and you may cooperate in financial aspects. Kindly come together and do some help to those who need.

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