Gau Rakshak

The cow and her species had become an emblem of our National Independence and honour. Naturally this holy species was protected by the worshipful and grateful people. Cow-slaughter was unthinkable. It was a heinous sin calling for dire punishment of the wicked that through inadvertence or perversity committed the crime.

While underscoring the importance and recognition given by the Hindu society for cow, the Jai Seetha Ram Hanuman chartable trust and Abhya Ayudha Hanuman had started Joint venture making its own contribution soon after its inception to the Cow Protection Campaigns that were already going on in Bharat since long. Till now the joint venture saved around 70 cows and we safe guarded in cattle and we continue too….

Let every voter calmly and with understanding scrutinize the past performance and present promises of every person and party and exercise his right judiciously so as to be able to achieve the cherished goal of full protection of the cow species and through it regaining our real freedom, shattering the shackles of the past few centuries, serfdom and re-establishing our hoary Nation in unsullied effulgence and glory. Join us gau Rakshak team and save the Gau Matha… Jai Gau Matha….Jai Hind….

Gau Pooja

Sl.No Purpose Cost Donate
1 GauMatha pooja Rs. 516/- Donate
2 GauMatha Daan Rs. 1116/- Donate
3 Gaushala Donation Custom Donations Donate

Annadhana Prasadam

Our one more wish is to built Nitya Annadana Bhavan in the 50 acres of our temple complex of Sri Abhaya Ayudha Hanuman to facilitate devotees we want to built Nitya Annadana Bhavan which will be very helpful to common man and poor people to compensate hunger , our ancestors called Annam Para Brahama Swaroopam , i.e , food is god. Giving food to needy is very virtuous activity . You could also participate in this activity with enthusiasm and you may cooperate in financial aspects. Kindly come together and do some help to those who need.

Of all the charities, the charity of food is considered supreme. It is mentioned in the Garga Samhita that one who distributes food in charity becomes free from the three kinds of debts and goes to the transcendental abode of Lord Vishnu. In the Varaha Purana, Srivaraha says, “One who gives food, gives all that is worth giving in this world”. Lord Krishna says in the Bhavishya Purana, “The world, both animate and inanimate, is sustained by food. The giver of food is the giver of life and indeed of everything else. Therefore one who is desirous of well-being in this world and beyond should make special endeavors to give food…”

Prasadam has the spiritual potency to gradually elevate our materially polluted consciousness towards God consciousness. Therefore prasadam distribution is an integral part of devotional service.

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